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Pool Services

Pool Services

Weekly Chemical & Skimmer Basket Service

Some folks enjoy the process of skimming and vacuuming their pools themselves. For them we offer our weekly Chem-only service which includes perfect weekly chemical treatment, empty skimmer basket of any debris and inspection of all pool equipment. For a small additional fee, we can also clean your filter with this plan.

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Pool Cleaning Services

Weekly Premium Pool Service

Our Premium Weekly Service is where you get the best bang for your buck. With this plan you will receive Skimming, Netting, Brushing, Vacuuming as needed, Tile & Coping Cleaning, Baskets emptied, (2)  Filter Cleanings as needed, Equipment Inspection and of course the best Water Chemistry in the industry! All maintenance dosage chemicals are included in this Premium Service. Phosphate and enzyme treatments can be added for a small fee.

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Pool Maintenance

Multi-Weekly Premium Platinum Pool Service

This Platinum level service gets you everything in our Premium Weekly plan 2 times per week! If you have pool party’s often, have a high bather load in your pool, or have a pool that’s prone to lots of debris this may be the option for you! With this service you will also receive vacuuming every week, unlimited filter cleanings as needed and included weekly phosphate and enzyme treatments!

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Pool Cleaners Satisfaction Guarantee
“Customer Service is at the core of everything we do and every decision we make as a company. For us, extraordinary Customer Service is not only the right decision, it’s the easy one."
– Thomas Shaffer Owner

Why Choose Us

Beyond our competitive pricing, we take pride in servicing Manatee, Sarasota and surrounding areas. We stand by our pool cleaning service and will provide your with pool care like you have never seen before!

80 Degree Pools technicians specialize in efficient service with 100% customer satisfaction. We offer estimates for new pool service customers at no charge and provide a lifetime 80 Degree Guarantee! For you, that means peace of mind in knowing that your pool is in the best hands possible! Please see our list of services and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Devoted to service

Service is who we are, pool cleaning is what we do! We stand by that and you will see that the best is 80 Degree!

full transparancy pricing

Never hidden or “surprise” costs. Up front pricing for the best value in the industry!

pool chemistry specialists

Pool Chemistry means everything! The longevity and safety of your pool depends on proper chemical levels.

money back guarentee

In the unlikely event that your not 100% satisfied with 80 Degree Pools service, we will refund your current months bill no questions asked!

Weekly Premium Pool Services

Pool Cleaning Service Bradenton

Perfect Chemical Treatment

Your pool chemistry is so valuable to the experience of owning a pool. Without experienced pool chemists keeping your pool safe and healthy, it could lead to unsafe water to swim. Let us handle this for you at each visit!

Pool Cleaning Services

Skimming & Netting Debris

Keeping your pool free of leaf and debris is no easy task. Its actually pretty hard work, especially in the summer months! With our team in place, keeping your pool spotless every week, you can sit back and enjoy your pool.


Wall Brushing

Brushing your pool is like brushing your teeth. We strive to keep your pool looking great every week. To do that, brushing your pool walls at each service is a necessity.  

Pool Maintenance

Vaccuming Pool Bottom

Fine dirt, sand and pollen settle to the bottom of your pool overtime. We come prepared with state-of-the-art equipment to keep your pool bottom looking great! Our portable vacuuming process is just what your pool needs!

Pool Services

Clearing Skimmer & Pump Baskets

Circulation is key for maintaining clear and healthy water. Blocked up skimmer and pump baskets restrict your pumps flow which limits circulation. We will take care of this for you with each visit!

Pool Cleaning Company

7 Point Equipment Inspection

At each visit we check operation of your pool timer, check for any leaks at your pool equipment, ensure your filter pressure is in range, clear your pump basket, ensure your pool automation is set up properly, ensure your pump is set appropriately, and report any issue in your weekly email.

We Offer Pool Service Serving Customers in:

Manatee & Sarasota Counties

If your area is not on this list please reach out to us! Were always looking to start servicing new areas!

You Will Agree, The Best Is 80 Degree!

Frequently Asked Questions

Never. With our weekly pool service plans we let our actions speak for themselves. We are so confident that we will be your lifetime pool care providers that there is no need for contracts. Ever.

Yes! We give all of our customers a 4 hour time frame window for when we will arrive to service your pool. Every week your pool technician will arrive during those times, on your service day, and you will receive a digital email after your service has been completed!   

Depending on the size of your pool your tech will spend typically from 10-20 mins per week servicing your pool. This is what we love! Our pool professionals clean pools all day which makes them very efficient in what they do. Rest assured that our experience and devotion to quality we leave you with the best results at each visit!

Great question! We have full time staff prepared to answer any and all questions you may have about your pool or service. You can reach us and time at 941-777-3735, email us at or ask your tech during your weekly service!

Vast majority of our customers like to utilize our auto bill pay feature. This saves you time by not having to remember to pay the pool guy and 100% eliminates any late fees.

Yes! We understand that once you get to know your pool guy you like to have him returning every week. We strive for that! There are circumstances the arise that we may need to assign a new tech to your pool. Rest assured knowing that all of our techs are the best in the business and are all trained to provide the same great service no matter the pool!